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The Distillery

Singular and Authentic

Savoir-faire de Celtic Whisky Distillerie

La qualité exceptionnelle des whiskys élaborés par la distillerie française de bretonne ne doit rien au hasard. Elle repose, en effet, sur une combinaison de facteurs matériels, techniques, environnementaux et humains qui est quasiment unique dans le monde du whisky.

Fermenteur en bois Celtic Whisky Distillerie


Celtic Whisky Distillerie’s Fermentation Secrets

Nowadays many distilleries use stainless steel fermenters and although these have the advantage of being easier to clean, Celtic Whisky Distillerie does not intend to compromise to the detriment of quality. It has, therefore, chosen to use Oregon pine fermenters, which contain a small colony of indigenous yeasts in addition to the fresh distiller’s yeast that they use. This helps to bring increased complexity and a specific character which is linked to the place of distillation.

Alambics pot stills Celtic Whisky Distillerie


Distillation: The Secrets of a Successful Alchemy

Celtic Whisky Distillerie is inspired by the purest Scottish tradition, using two small copper pot stills. Each of these stills are connected to a serpentine condenser. Copper has several advantages; it allows for better heat distribution and acts as a catalyst, copper coil condensers make the whisky richer in texture with a “fat mouthfeel”, they also enhance the complexity and aromatic range of the spirit and produce a better-quality distillate. Furthermore, making a copper still is easier for the distillery’s boilermaker because the relative flexibility of this metal makes it more malleable.

In order to preserve the quality of its spirits Celtic Whisky Distillerie uses a slow distillation process which favours optimal sorting of the volatile components during their evaporation in the still. This slow distillation process plays an essential role in giving the desired complexity to the single malt being made. Both stills are heated over an open flame.

Ageing Cellars

Ageing by the Sea

During the ageing phase exchanges take place between the ambient environment and the interior of the cask. Therefore cold temperatures are likely to cause significant evaporation of the alcohol while heat reduces the volume of the whisky without influencing the alcohol content. The oceanic climate of the Côtes-d’Armor is ideal as it allows the desired complexity and balance to be achieved more quickly. The humidity in the cellars helps to develop the mellowness of the spirit and the iodised salty sea air brings a subtle maritime note to Celtic Whisky Distillerie’s single malts.


Enjoy the Whisky

Finishing and Bottling

Once again Celtic Whisky Distillerie’s method differs from most common practices as they refuse to cold filter. The aim here is to preserve all the aromatic esters contained in the whisky. Finally, this Breton distillery does not use any artificial colouring for its single malts, thus the whisky retains its natural colour.

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