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The Celtic Whisky Distillerie Experience

There’s no better place than Celtic Whisky Distillerie to experience Celtic whiskies and discover their authenticity!

At Larmor-Pleubian in the Côtes-d’Armor, Celtic Whisky Distillerie welcomes lovers of premium whiskies and exceptional French products to its shop which is located near the distillery. Don’t expect to walk into an ordinary shop. You will discover a history and values supported by an enthusiastic team.

Une distillerie ancrée entre terre et mer Celtic Whisky Distillerie


Immerse Yourself in an Exceptional Place Steeped in History and Tradition

Although Brittany has many tourist sites that are extremely popular when the weather is fine, it is also full of genuine havens of peace. This is the case with the “Sauvage” Peninsula where Celtic Whisky Distillerie was established more than 20 years ago. Martine and Jean Donnay, the founders of the French distillery in North Brittany, were attracted by this exceptional site with its oceanic climate, ideal for the patient maturing of great Celtic whiskies. They chose to set up their distillery in farm buildings that date back to 1668 and whose walls are steeped in Celtic legends and Breton traditions.

Values and Craftsmanship: The DNA of Celtic Whisky Distillerie

During your visit, the Celtic Whisky Distillerie team will show you the special features that distinguish its whiskies from other products on the market. The distillery makes no compromises when it comes to respecting the traditional Celtic methods of production. The two small pot stills are heated over an open flame. Industrial shortcuts that detract from the authenticity of the product are consistently avoided. Celtic Whisky Distillerie whiskies are not cold-filtered or artificially coloured before bottling. An on-site tasting will convince you of the excellence of the distillery’s single malts, Kornog and Glann Ar Mor.

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