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Fût Glann Ar Mor Whisky

Limited Editions,

Single Cask - Brut de Fût

Illustration Celtic Whisky Distillerie

Limited Editions, Our Collection of Single Cask and Brut de Fût Whiskies

Celtic Whisky Distillerie regularly produces special bottlings. These limited editions and single casks will delight fans of exceptional whiskies.

The French distillery in Brittany has deliberately chosen to produce extremely limited editions. The quality and rarity of these products make them unique.

A special edition of Kornog or Glann Ar Mor makes a truly precious gift.

The different finishes of Kornog and Glann Ar Mor

Celtic Whisky Distillerie consistently offers special editions of Kornog and Glann Ar Mor, made in casks other than Bourbon barrels. These are Sauternes casks, Pedro Ximenez casks or Oloroso casks. All these bottlings are single casks.

That is to say, they come from one and the same cask. Each of them have their its own character, unlike regular single malts, the quality of which is already appreciated by connoisseurs. Each single cask is, therefore, a surprise invitation to a new experience.

Brut de fût Celtic Whisky Distillerie

Kornog Brut de Fût

Bruts de Fût represent the quintessence of whisky. They are not blended or reduced in any way. The Brut de Fût is exclusively the result of the combination of the whisky and the specificities of the cask in which it ages.

Unlike traditional whiskies, which are slightly diluted before bottling to reduce their alcohol content to around 40%, Kornog’s cask strength (brut de fût) whiskies are not subject to reduction.

This leaves the seasoned whisky enthusiast free to blend their exceptional French whisky to their taste, adding a few drops of water or an ice cube. All of these special bottlings are extremely limited editions that rarely exceed 300 bottles.

Recurring Special Bottlings

Each year, Celtic Whisky Distillerie makes two special bottlings of Kornog: Kornog Sant Ivy and Kornog Sant Erwan, both from a single exceptional Bourbon barrel.

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