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The First Celtic Blend

Gwalarn: the First Celtic Blend

After creating two prestigious single malts (Kornog and Glann Ar Mor), Celtic Whisky Distillerie has developed its first blend, born from the blending of whiskies of Celtic origin. Like its single malt predecessors, this blend bears a Breton name that evokes its character, Gwalarn or “North-West Wind”. The French distillery in Côtes-d’Armor intends to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of blended whiskies.

A Doubly Innovative Blend of Whiskies

Unlike single malts, which come from a single distillery, blends are the result of a blend of whiskies from several distilleries. Although blends are by far the most consumed whiskies in the world today, they are often criticised for being less complex and deep than single malts.

With Gwalarn, Celtic Whisky Distillerie wishes to offer a new insight. Its first blend benefits from the same craftsmanship and care as Kornog and Glann Ar Mor.

Moreover, Celtic Whisky Distillerie has taken a bold step in creating the world’s first premium Celtic Blend. As a result, Gwalarn inaugurates a new classification, that of “Celtic Whisky Blend”.

This innovative blend conceived by the cellar master, Aël Guégan, and Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder of Maison Villevert, unites the complexity of a Scotch whisky, the character of a German whisky and the peat of Kornog, a graded single malt from Celtic Whisky Distillerie.

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An Authentic and Complex Blend, Combining Celtic Roots and the French Spirit

Gwalarn takes advantage of all the characteristics that make Celtic Whisky Distillerie’s exceptional whiskies so unique and authentic. The blend is slowly reduced with water from the distillery’s own spring.

A blend can only be perfectly balanced through the creative skills and know-how of a talented cellar master. The role of the cellar master is decisive in selecting the whiskies to be blended and in achieving the right proportions. Making a premium blended whisky is true alchemy. In blending Gwalarn, Aël Guégan, Distiller and Cellar Master at Celtic Whisky Distillerie, has audaciously risen to the challenge. The result is striking in its balance and complexity. Gwalarn presents itself on the nose with elegance. The notes of cereals, ripe fruit and vanilla are clear, with a peaty background reminiscent of Kornog. The palate is energetic and fruity, with lingering vanilla notes. The peaty, salty finish is particularly full and even.

Such complexity and balance distinguish Gwalarn from the best premium blended whiskies. Thus, Gwalarn takes its place in the collection of exceptional whiskies created by Celtic Whisky Distillerie.

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