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What characterises Celtic Whisky Distillerie’s flagship products?

Celtic Whisky Distillerie currently offers three exceptional whiskies for the most demanding connoisseurs. The first historical single malt from the French distillery in Côtes-d’Armor, Glann Ar Mor, is not peated, whereas peat is unquestionably present in the single malt Kornog. Gwalarn is a blend of whiskies from the Celtic world selected by Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, Founder of Maison Villevert, and Aël Guégan, Distiller and Cellar Master of Celtic Whisky Distillerie. Although these products have their own character they share the same quality; their Celtic roots are enhanced by the French soul and know-how.

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Recognised High Standards and Artisanal Know-How

When one thinks of whisky one does not automatically think of France. Nevertheless, Celtic Whisky Distillerie has succeeded in shaking up preconceived ideas by obtaining the recognition of experts who are authorities in this world. This French distillery owes its success to the quality and authenticity of its malted barley whiskies.

It relies on proven distillation and ageing methods. Heated, in the purest tradition, over an open flame in two small stills, the spirit gains in complexity and aromatic richness. Subsequently ageing by the sea helps to produce a balanced whisky of precisely consistent quality.

The results of this traditional method of excellence have not failed to attract attention. Celtic Whisky Distillerie’s creations have won several awards. In 2016, Kornog was even named ‘Best European Whisky of the Year’ by the Whisky Bible, under the authority of the eminent Jim Murray.

This Brittany-based French brand’s core whiskies, as well as its special blends and other single casks, were all awarded scores above 94/100 by this guidebook. Such recognition is only given to exceptional whiskies.

A Diverse Offer Worthy of a Great Whisky House

The assertive character of the Breton distillery’s whiskies is expressed in their diversity as each of the three whiskies currently available has its own specific characteristics. They are all lighthouses signalling the proximity of the same Celtic land.

Lovers of distinctly peaty whiskies cannot remain indifferent to the smokiness of Kornog and its fruity and spicy notes reminiscent of ginger and white pepper.

Glann Ar Mor (“Seaside” in Breton) lives up to its name with a saline and iodine note and its sweetness and subtle spiciness evoke the oceanic climate of Brittany.

With Gwalarn, the latest addition to the Celtic Whisky Distillerie range, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder of Maison Villevert, has given free rein to his creative imagination in developing a whisky that is nothing less than the first premium Celtic Blend to be created.

It is a blend that combines the French elegance of the distillery’s single malts with the strong Celtic roots of a Scotch and a Germanic whisky. This innovation makes no concessions to authenticity as it is made with the same level of expertise and rigour as Kornog and Glann Ar Mor.

Celtic Whisky Distillerie consistently offers single casks, such as Kornog Sant Ivy and Kornog Sant Erwan, and also whiskies with a limited number of bottles that will delight lovers of exceptional spirits and also make great gifts. These include whiskies matured in carefully selected casks from the world of wine, such as Pedro Ximenez sherry or Oloroso.

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