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Photo de la distillerie Celtic Whisky Distillerie

A Distillery Rooted in a Country of Tradition, Between Land and Sea

Illustration Celtic Whisky Distillerie

Celtic Whisky Distillerie

A Distillery Rooted in a Land of Tradition, Between Land and Sea

Since 1999, the distillery has been housed in an old farmhouse, which dates from 1668. The building is located at the end of the “Sauvage” Peninsula in the commune of Pleubian, overlooking the sea. This ideal setting, steeped in Celtic and Breton traditions, has greatly influenced and inspired the creators of Celtic Whisky Distillerie. The distillery has a number of specific features that guarantee the production of whiskies in the purest artisanal tradition: open flame heating, slow distillation and the use of traditional equipment, such as two small pot stills and wooden fermenters. In addition, the maturation of the whisky by the sea encourages an early balance and complexity.

Celtic Whisky Distillerie

Our Distillery

Whiskies with a Celtic Soul Celebrated by Their Names

The first single malt produced by Celtic Whisky Distillerie is called Glann Ar Mor, the Breton translation of “Seaside”. It is characterised by its fruity elegance and its salty and iodine notes. Kornog, the second single malt from the distillery, is distinguished by its strong peaty character reminiscent of the Scottish whiskies from the island of Islay.

These two exceptional single malts soon attracted attention and became a benchmark in the world of French whisky. The scores awarded by the famous Whisky Bible even gave them international recognition opening the doors to the extremely exclusive club of whiskies deemed to be exceptional. Kornog was crowned “European Whisky of the Year” in 2016.

The Arrival of Maison Villevert in 2020

On 18 June 2020, Maison Villevert announced that it had acquired Celtic Whisky Distillerie. This well-known player in the world of exceptional French spirits, based in the Cognac region, was attracted by the excellence of the Côtes-d’Armor distillery. Maison Villevert intends to follow in the footsteps of Celtic Whisky Distillerie by fully respecting the DNA of the distillery, while at the same time opening up a new chapter, in particular the availability of their exceptional distribution network which was launched in 2015.

The merger of Maison Villevert and Celtic Whisky Distillerie has not taken long to bear fruit: Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder of Maison Villevert, and cellar master, Aël Guégan, have combined their talents to create Gwalarn, the first premium Celtic Blend in the world.

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