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Ageing in a Damp Cellar and

the Importance of the Wind and the Sea

Chai Humide Celtic Whisky Distillerie

Our Ageing Cellar

Whisky Ageing in a Cellar by the Sea

Although the alcoholic product resulting from distillation already contains all the essential elements, it does not yet qualify as whisky. Patient ageing in oak casks will allow the whisky to assert its character and take on its colours. For a French whisky, the ageing time is at least three years. In North Brittany, Celtic Whisky Distillerie benefits from optimal ageing conditions, in humid cellars exposed to the oceanic climate.

Selection of Casks

Celtic Whisky Distillerie has chosen to age its whiskies in Bourbon barrel oak casks. These barrels come from American distilleries which once contained Bourbon Whiskey. The French distillery at Côtes-d’Armor follows the purest Celtic tradition, whereby most of the great Scotch whiskies have been aged in Bourbon barrel casks since the mid-1930s. Celtic Whisky Distillerie systematically carries out a rigorous visual and olfactory inspection of the casks made available. During its maturation the whisky is loaded with tannins from the oak and it is  this long and patient ageing in the cask influences the subtlety of the aromatic palette and gives the whisky its colour.

The Contribution of Environmental Exchanges

Due to the relative porosity of the casks, the whisky is in contact with the atmosphere of the cellars throughout it’s ageing process. The ambient air circulates through the pores of the wood.

This is known as oxidation of the spirits. Like the Scottish climate, the oceanic climate of North Brittany is characterised by the absence of significant temperature variations over the seasons. These exceptional conditions allow Celtic Whisky Distillerie’s single malts to achieve their desired balance and complexity quicker. They also contribute a note of iodine to the final product.

However, if nature gives, it also takes away: about 3% of the volume of the alcohol evaporates naturally each year of cask ageing; the famous and somewhat magical “angels’ share”.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. consume in moderation.

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