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Glann Ar Mor, French Single Malt Whisky

Glann Ar Mor is one of the two single malts that have allowed Celtic Whisky Distillerie to join the extremely exclusive club of French distilleries with the most awards. It is the unpeated version of the Côtes-d’Armor distillery’s production. Glann Ar Mor (literally “Seaside” in Breton) owes its success as much to the microclimate of the Breton Peninsula as to the excellence deployed in its production.

Quality Shaped by Traditional and Ancestral Know-How

If the conditions encountered in Brittany contribute to the creation of a great single malt the means employed by Celtic Whisky Distillerie are also exceptional and in the purest tradition.

With slow distillation in two small onion-shaped stills, each component finds its place in the aromatic palette. The result is a remarkable balance that distinguishes Glann Ar Mor, in the eyes, and especially in the nose, of the most seasoned connoisseurs.

For their part, the serpentine condensers offer depth to the texture as well as a rich and pleasant sensation in the mouth. The absence of cold filtration and the avoidance of the use of colouring to alter the natural “light gold” colour of this whisky are also part of the characteristics that make Glann Ar Mor truly authentic.

After ageing in Bourbon casks this unpeated single malt is bottled at 46%. Its classic version is called Glann Ar Mor Bourbon Barrel.

Distilled from an ancient variety of barley called “Maris Otter Barley,” Glann Ar Mor is a richly flavoured gourmet single malt. Once popular, this barley disappeared from the whisky world in the late 1980s.

Celtic Whisky Distillerie has decided to bring this high-quality ingredient back into fashion.

A Character Sculpted by the Land

By featuring the lighthouse of Les Héaux de Bréhat on the packaging of its bottle Glann Ar Mor proudly claims its local roots. The distillery was established more than 20 years ago at the end of the “Sauvage” Peninsula facing Bréhat and this unusual location has influenced the quality of Glann Ar Mor.

The oceanic climate offers optimal conditions for the crucial stage of production, the slow and patient maturation of the whisky. Thanks to mild temperatures throughout the year, the level of humidity and the salty, iodised air, the whisky reaches maturity much quicker.

However, above all, it is positively influenced by environmental interchanges. It is aged in cellars just a few metres from the sea. Tasting Glann Ar Mor offers a saline and iodine nose that leaves no doubt of its origins, with an elegant background evoking honey and toffee.

On the palate, this iodine note is revealed by a strengthening of the fruit with notes of apricot and sweet spices. This saline note runs like a red thread through to the finish.

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