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Celtic Whisky Distillerie : Unique French Whiskies

Founded in 1997, Celtic Whisky Distillerie is an artisanal distillery in Northern Brittany located in the Côtes-d’Armor Department, in the commune of Pleubian. This pioneer of French whisky has quickly distinguished itself among the fifty or so distilleries in France. The traditional distillation and ageing techniques, as well as the location in Brittany, offer ideal conditions for the production of exceptional malted barley whiskies.

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Dessin Celtic Whisky Distillerie

Celtic Whisky Distillerie

A strong Celtic identity, between land and sea.

Located at the end of the “Sauvage” Peninsula in the Trégor region, Celtic Whisky Distillerie enjoys an exceptional setting that gives it no reason to envy its Celtic cousins in Ireland or Scotland.

Not only is this an extraordinarily scenic location it is also particularly well suited for the production of whisky. The famous beverage, for which the Scots and the Irish dispute the paternity, is best matured in a temperate oceanic climate that has mild temperatures throughout the year and a high level of humidity. It is this humidity that gives the whisky more roundness and softens the heat of the spirit.

Spirits are strongly influenced by the environment and the whiskies of Celtic Whisky Distillerie benefit from the four elements; being “born by fire and bred by the wind” they owe their quality both to the marine environment and to the centuries-old identity of a Celtic land.

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Whiskies Carried by the Wind

Throughout time the wind has carried sailors to distant horizons. If they discovered new plants or spices they were able to use their knowledge to process, transform and distil them.

Charmed by the Glann Ar Mor and Kornog whiskies, Maison Villevert decided to embark on a new adventure by acquiring Celtic Whisky Distillerie in June 2020.

A newcomer to the world of whisky, Maison Villevert is already a leader in the world of exceptional spirits, notably with its G’Vine range of grape-based gins. The brand wishes to follow in the footsteps of the founders of the distillery, Martine and Jean Donnay, and preserve the soul and character of these whiskies. To achieve this, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, Director of Maison Villevert, has surrounded himself with passionate people, such as Master Distiller Aël Guégan, to preserve the excellence and Celtic identity of the brand.

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